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Global Debates

Young Leaders' Summer Camp

About the Camp and Pedagogy

The Young Leaders' Summer Camp is a unique 10-day summer program designed to develop sound debating skills and leadership qualities by engaging the students through a participatory and experiential pedagogy. The Young Leaders' Summer Camp is delivered as two interconnected— Level 1 and Level 2 — experiences in association with the Global Citizenship Foundation.


The camp provides a unique opportunity for students to develop robust communication skills, democratic-leadership, social skills, debating skills, decision-making skills, collaborative skills by unleashing their competitive, logical, analytical, critical, and creative thinking.

The camp embeds approaches such as natural learning, collective engagement, mutual support, and co-operative learning towards ensuring that the child is not forced to learn or to respond to any activity.


To make learning an enriching and immersive experience, the camp employs the right blend, selection and sequence of fun, serious, interactive and experiential activities— such as Research, Group Discussion, Decision Making, Cooperative Learning, Reading, Storytelling, Campaigning, Little Entrepreneur, Market Skills, Debate, Writing, Drama, Persuasion, Inter-personal Skill Training, Language Training, Negotiation, Thought Challenge, Survival Jigs, SDG Action, Indoor Sports, Games, Assignments, Presentations and other productive activities.

Camp Duration: 10 Days

Duration of Each Day: Five-Six hours

Camp Levels: Level 1 and Level 2

Class Profile/Age Group: Mixed/8 - 17 years

Additional Benefits: Interaction with Civil Service Officer/Prominent Leader*, Showcase Event + A Certificate of Course Completion issued by Global Debates in association with Global Citizenship Foundation.

Certificate Criterion: Min. 95% attendance

*Subject to availability.

About the Global Debates

The Global Debates was founded in 2016 to provide young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop debating, speaking, listening and literacy skills through debate training and competitions that will ultimately improve self-esteem, collaboration, team-work, academic achievement, graduation success rates, and access to higher education. Global Debates aims to foster a sound and sustainable culture of debate and dialogue.

What is the Global Debates Experience?

The Global Debates’ Experience is time-tested & one of the leading set of programs in debate education, public speaking, & democratic-leadership development. Our programs are designed to leverage the power of natural, social and peer-to-peer learning through a heterogeneous group of learners in two age categories— ages 08-17 and 18-27. Our fun & unforgettable debating & leadership-building experiences promote the development of self-esteem, independence, and responsibility. The Global Debates’ Four-Team Format is unique & acclaimed in developing sound thinking & decision-making skills. Global Debates is an independent, non-partisan, progressive initiative seeking to develop confident communicators, critical-thinkers, & empowered global citizens and leaders — of today & tomorrow — equipped to shape a more just, inclusive, peaceful, secure & sustainable future for all.

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Experience the Global Debates’ Young Leaders' Summer Camp

Safe Space.png

#1: We Meet the Learners Where They Are and Provide a Safe Space

We invite the learners to explore different perspectives, integrate diverse ideas, express what is important to them through a process of exploratory learning using tools that are already familiar to them to shape them into better thinkers, decision-makers, communicators equipped with future-ready skills that would enhance their academic performance, deepen their social-emotional learning and foster active global citizenship through debate education. 


#2: Enhanced Academic Performance

The camp sparks curiosity and a growth mindset. Improves language comprehension and provides practice in backing up arguments with examples and evidence, a key focus of SAT examination.


#3: Deepened Social-Emotional Learning

We embed narratives that challenge the students to develop and strengthen empathy; respect for others’ point of view; responsible and ethical decision-making when exploring new or complex situations, challenges, and ideas.


#4: Better Thinkers

Demonstrable improvement in critical, creative, analytical and lateral thinking.


#5: Better Decision-Makers

Global Debates gives students the experience of producing original and balanced arguments; Fosters a 360-degree understanding of issues and equips participants to logically and sensitively process information. The camp shapes participants into better leaders by boosting their confidence, teamwork, and clarity of thought through the development of social skills, team-building activities, group discussions, strategy huddles, and opinion-making.


#6: Better Communicators Equipped with Transversal Skills

Demonstrable improvement in oracy, argumentation and presentation skills. Boosts cognitive skills, meta-cognitive skills, socio-emotional skills, research skills, active listening, knowledge acquisition, and vocabulary acquisition.


#7: Active Global Citizenship Through Debate Education

The experience fosters awareness, discussion, and debate around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Sparks ideas around how individuals and entities could positively impact the realization of the SDGs and associated targets. Fosters spiritual, ethical, social, cultural and civic education.

Are you a Principal/Educator? Bring to your school the Global Debates Experience!

Are you a Parent? Gift your child the Global Debates' Advantage!

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